Tuesday, July 26, 2016

...antique doily wall gallery...

I am thankful for some nesting right now. I am slowly crossing off items on my to do list before babe #3 arrives. Single digit weeks (hopefully)!! GAH.


For Gianna's room, I was wanting to do some sort of wall gallery that was feminine and simple. READ: will last a few years as it takes me forever to decide on wall decor. I stumbled upon this house and fell in love with the doily gallery wall and decided that is exactly what I wanted.

We have a local consignment shop that is run by a lady from our Parish. The kids and I made a few trips over to the shop as I sorted through mounds upon mounds of beautiful antique doilies (many were made by the owner's grandmother!!!). We settled on seven, but only six fit into my hoops, so we may try and go back for one more, but until then we have six. I need to trim the outer edges, but it was a sweltering afternoon indoor project that is close to being finished.

We are working on her bed, unfortunately, the humidity is making it go much more slowly that I had hoped. The footboard is complete, but we need to wait a bit to start the rest. Until then, here are some simple wall doilies. Joann's had a 40% off sale a few weeks ago, so this cost less than $20 (hoops and doilies).

I just love antiques.

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