Tuesday, July 19, 2016

...backyard camping: hobo pies...

One of my husbands favorite memories as a kid was making hobo pies while camping. Now, we haven't been able to get our camper quite yet this year (where is the time going!!). Every night, Gabe asks for stories about when we were kids. On Saturday, I told him a story of the first time I had a hobo pie.

So, Sunday afternoon rolled around and we decided, well...why not? I scrambled together pizza topping ingredients while the men made a fire. Bread, sauce, cheese, meat, peppers.....what ever you want. The kids had fun putting on their own toppings. 

We finished off the evening with a few roasted marshmallows. Just like camping, only in our back yard ;).


  1. HOBO pies!! Haha, I love this! And seriously, this summer is going far too fast!

    1. Isn't it??? Have you done HOBO pies? I had never heard of them (from MT) until I moved out here (MI).