Thursday, July 28, 2016

...gianna's room: an update...

I did an inspiration post a few months ago (so apologies!) for Gianna's new room.

I have acquired a few pieces, started a few projects, and furtively searched for a few more.

So here is an update and a more refined direction.

bedding... I have a coral duvet (ikea, old) that has a floral type pattern that she will acquire. This bed will be a full, as that is what is currently in our guest room. I recently ordered some navy sheets (JCP) when they had a 60% off sale. 

bed: We are working on it as best as the weather will allow. It has been so humid that we are at a standstill as the wood warps or the router doesn't work properly. The bedframe is constructed. The footboard is almost finished. I am using a Joanna Gaines bed as inspiration. 

dresser: Right before we left for Montana, I found an old solid maple dresser at a local consignment shop. The top was in pretty poor shape, so I decided to sand it down and paint it a dark navy. I am in the process of spraying on 1000 coats of polcrylic and will then put on the original hardware. Again, humidity makes for reaaaalllly long dry times. Hopefully, this will be done in the next week.

nightstand: I have been stalking local FB garage sale groups for an old typewriter stand that will serve as a nightstand. I believe I have one found and miiiight be first in line. The budget for this was <$20, so crossing my fingers.

wall decor: I just finished a doily wall gallery. They need trimmed and hung, but one project that I feel like is almost there. I have started a painted wooden sign that will have a St. Gianna quote painted on it (currently cut and a few coats of white paint). I am looking for a vintage chalkware crucifix, but haven't found the right one yet. 

I spent the morning swapping items from this room's closet to the "nursery" closet. Once I get the dresser finished, I will move her clothing into her new room. She loves to sit and rock right before bedtime. We have a *not the prettiest* painted rocking chair that has been in our shed since we moved, and it might get added to the room.

Everything seems to be taking forever as I try to carve a few minutes a day into projects. Slowly, but surely, it will get there!!

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