Tuesday, July 5, 2016

...July 4...

We had a lovely three day weekend after just coming off a vacation in Montana. We got a lot done around the house, which it feels awesome to have fewer projects on the to do list.

We trimmed all of the boxwoods and spirea in the back yard. We weeded everything.

Steve hung my new favorite things, antique corbels, in the powder room, which is now my first complete room!!! Just a quick shot. Someday I aim to do a bit of a photo tour. Someday.

Steve finished the kids table.

Steve built and finished a bench in the laundry room. I just need to choose a stain and get it stained.

And....we went for ice cream. We always get ice cream on the fourth (in lieu of fireworks as they start much too late right now). We have a local little ice cream shop that has delicious ice cream. Gabe made a valiant attempt at his size-able kiddie cone before he said he just couldn't any more.

We finished off the night with *gasp* watching some youtube fireworks with the kids. They didn't hold their interest long, maybe next year we will get some. ;). 
Happy Independence day!!

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