Wednesday, July 6, 2016

...morning chores...

The kids were up before dawn while we were in Montana. They tended to agree that 4:15-5:15 should be when our days started. So, once we had a little bit of coffee, we headed out to do our morning chores.

Gabe loved helping feed and muck stalls every morning. He kept telling me, "it is my responsibility to take care of Debbie (the miniature horse)."

So, we did.

We mucked, fed, watered, and then took a swing break. By that time, it was almost time for breakfast. I love how cool it gets at night (in the 40s). That is definitely something that doesn't happen in Michigan. Gabe still talks about getting to clean stalls next time we are at Nanny and Pops.


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  1. Farm living is good living. And you have me so excited for our MT trip in August