Tuesday, August 30, 2016

...cannons & balloons...


I heard a local battlefield park was holding a demonstration for the 100 National Park Service anniversary this past Saturday. We went for our typical morning run and afterword, we headed to the neighboring town.

The festivities mentioned kid games/activities, cannon and musket demonstrations, birthday cake, family fun and more!!

I think we arrived a bit too early (an hour after it started) as many of the booths weren't set up, but the kids didn't seem to mind. We watched a 5.5" howitzer and a musket demonstration. One of the booths had an insanely talented balloon artist. In the short time we waited, we saw a wolf, muskrat, and gabe's request, a lion.

their wasn't any cake, but they were quite content with a little baggy of free popcorn and their beloved balloon (gianna's was just a straight balloon).

after we walked around, we headed to a local antique shop, were I searched for something for gianna's nightstand. we were unsuccessful, but had a fun little trip. i love finding little local festivals and events.


Monday, August 29, 2016

...a glimpse of today: 35 weeks...


making: a changing pad cover.  meaning, i have fabric and it is folded in the office, ready to cut and start!

cooking: just this babe. 35 weeks and a few days.

drinking: throat coat tea with homegrown honey. the kids somehow developed a bit of a cold this weekend. i am not feeling 100%. they are pretty miserable.

reading: sadly, nothing. we haven't made a trek to the library in a month.

wanting: more patience. at this point pregnancy, i can start crying at the drop of a hat.

playing: trucks on the floor. legos. 

sewing: eventually the changing pad cover. 

wishing: sadly, that i was no longer pregnant. i know i have a few weeks left, but this has been a rough time and a rough summer.

enjoying: the date i had with gabe on sunday. i told him i would either take him to a special drink shop to get something to drink or i would take him to go get a toy helicopter. he found the only helicopter in toysrus (for 1.98!! due to clearance) and it came with a truck. he looked at me sweetly and said, mom I can give the truck to gianna as i don't need two toys. that felt so so good.

waiting:  in the calm before the storm. 

liking: how fun their respective stages have been.

loving: the few cooler days and a reprieve from the heat.

hoping: the last few weeks will go smoothly and I won't stress so much about the little things. 

smelling: the candle burning on my kitchen counter.

noticing: how much i enjoy being unplugged. we lost internet for part of the weekend and it was actually refreshing to just let go.

giggling: gabe asked me what color shirt his brother would be born with. it made me smile. he couldn't understand how he wouldn't have a shirt on.

feeling: a bit tired. the kids were up in the middle of the night. thankful that I have made it this far as a month ago they were stressed about me making it to 32 weeks. 

Friday, August 26, 2016



gianna...almost 2...I can't believe how blond her hair looks right now. She is adding new words daily. She knows most of her colors and can count to at least four. She knows most of the Thomas characters. She loves to read the book POUCH!!! and screams POUCH! at the top of her lungs. We fortunately got it on camera. She started saying "umm.....nope."

gabe...almost 4...He has been VERY busy working. We were watching some olympic diving on Sunday, as per his request, but he was to busy to stop working. He had a project to finish up. I asked him on Monday what his project was. He went into this elaborate description of "making a new pipeline....for milk and I will have a milk tower with new pipes to everyone's house. Well, because everyone drinks milk. It is kinda silly to just have a water tower. Not everyone drinks water." He was so proud of his pipeline sketch. I love the little lip out in this picture.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

...weekly loves...


I found this on clearance at the store. I have always been curious about what exactly the fuss was I know. So good.

A friend introduced me to a FB Boutique. I have been searching for the right navy dress for our family photos this fall. This is a midi, so I hope it is long enough! Boots and a scarf..hopefully it fits!

I have been planning the kids simple birthday parties this fall. Gabe was all into combines until this week and is now really wanting a helicopter theme. I will admit, this is a bit easier to plan and there are some cute little ideas on Pinterest. These. This. These. I keep reminding myself, I will be a few weeks to days postpartum.

I have been craving some Saag Paneer lately. There was the best little Indian restaurant in Fort Collins that a few friends and I would sneak away to. It was amazing. I haven't had it since we left FoCo. I might have to try making it.

Fall toddler girl outfits are soooo adorable.

She popped up on my Pandora and this song still gives me chills.

I am searching for toddler brown (nonfringe) ankle boots. Any favorites?

Monday, August 22, 2016

...making smoothies...


They love it when I say it is smoothies for lunch (or prelunch). I love sneaking in handfuls of vegetables to their already ample love of fruits.

Our go to is yogurt, frozen banana, a few handfuls of our frozen fruit from the freezer (thank you COSTCO for fantastic fruit or from our fruit market) and as much spinach as I can cram into the blender. Sometimes, we might need a splash of liquid.

They love hitting the buttons. This $20 blender has earned it's weight in gold. I finally caught this face in a picture. She also makes this adorable excited sound with it. LOVE it. I believe I said, do you want a smoothie??


Saturday, August 20, 2016


We had a busy week. It was one of those I will (and already am) look back on and laugh. Steve was out of town for a conference for most of the week. I decided we would go north and stay with our good friends for a change of pace/scenery and hope that it would soften the no daddy blow.

Let's just say it didn't work.

We got nearly 2 hours into our drive (a mere 15 minutes left) and we realized we left mommy giraffe (Gabes lovie). Now, we have gradually decreased the number of lovies that travel, but he has had one for 2+ years. We have compromised to just mommy giraffe and his one blanket (instead of four!). We discussed it and decided our friend would have one to borrow. 

We made it through naptime with a borrowed lovie after much distress from Gianna. We took the kids to the local county fair. They had a blast, again. All four kids split part of an elephant ear and then we headed home.

They shared a room when we were in MT with us, but I think Steve not being there was the tipping point. I and I was their third roommate.

I finally went up at 9 and crawled into bed for the night. Gabe joined me as he "just really missed dad and his giraffe." Gianna yelled "mommy, up please" any time I so much as rolled over. At 5 and still no sleep for my usually fantastic sleeping kids, we were all in bed together. Breakfast was early and we were able to see a dear friend, whose son is Gabe's best friend. We spent the morning there and met grandma for lunch. I had decided at about 1AM we were cutting our losses and I was heading home. I knew that I would be struggling for two more days with no sleep and no lovie.

So, we headed home and they crashed in the car for about an hour. There was a really stressful twenty minute on the interstate, only one lane open...and needing an immediate bathroom....but we all survived. It took two days to recover for them from the lack of sleep and dad, but was the weekend AMAZING.

*yes, i was at a stoplight*


Friday, August 12, 2016


gianna...1.5...she learned how to swing like a big girl this week and she is so ever proud. She says, "push me, please. more fast. more fast." Now, she is almost impossible to get out of the swing, which I am ok with. I love that they enjoy being outside as much as we do.

gabe...3.5...I have so many pictures of him in the sandbox, digging...wearing the same shirt. I promise he has others and only wears it one day at a time. he loves to ask me if we can "have a little date" or "this can be our little date." Usually, it is something as sweet and simple as walking with him and holding his hand across the yard.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

...weekly loves and updates...


Finally, the dresser is in painted, polycrylic'ed, hardware reattached, and up into Gianna's new bedroom. It isn't to the final resting place, but one step closer. I contemplated painting the hardware or even new hardware, but this really grew on me once reattached. We shall see how well the paint wears. Of course, I jammed a drawer into the wall while carrying them upstairs and made a lovely little mark. Oh well. This was my first spray painted projects. Time will tell.

I tried this, as per Brit's recommendation. Delicious. I also used chicken tenderloins as I grabbed the wrong package from the freezer. The kids loved it, too. Anything with basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. So so good.

Fall is upon is it seems, though the temperature doesn't agree! Pumpkin goodness everywhere.

I have been wanting to get a globe for atop the table in the toy room. We spent countless hours as children pouring over the globe. We would place our finger gently on it and then spin it round and round to see what country we would live in. I have come to the realization that globes.are.expensive. Any secret places to find a more affordable one??

My favorite planner was on sale yesterday and I missed it. I actually have been without for this entire year, seeing how I would like my app calendar (so easy to sync with hubbies so we know what is going on instantly). But....I am a visual person. I like being able to see and hold what I am thinking about. Lists. Appointments. Month view. Day View. All.right.there. I may make the plunge for next year.

In need of a workhorse maternity shirt?? I am really picky with maternity tops. I don't have many as they aren't really needed until late in my third trimester (almost 33 weeks is late...right???). Then, I am really picky about material as I get hot really really easy. I always have a cami underneath. The length is typically too short to. This one. You will love it. Love it. Not to thin, layers well, excellent length. Washes well. If have been contemplating buying more....but then I tell myself.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

...No bakes...

The blustery heat has returned and I was looking for an indoor activity this morning. We did our morning walk and then spent a few hours outside until chased in by the heat. We decided to make Steve's office No-bakes.

Now, there are dozens of no bake recipes out there. I have tried a few cookies others have made over the years, but none of them were like my moms. She sent us her recipe last night and they were just as I remembered. Not too sweet, not to runny. Perfect.

I had two little helpers. Gabe was quite content with making lots of bubbles in the vanilla. Gianna wasn't sure of the gooey miess. In the end, Gianna actually was terrified of the cookies and refused to eat them.
She kept yelling, "no, mommy. icky."

Gabe thought they were perfect.


Saturday, August 6, 2016


We took the kids to the annual county fair to look at all of the animals.

 gianna...1.5...Gianna loved the goats, rabbits and the chickens. She was pretty content keeping her distance but the squeals of excitement were hilarious. They had a pen of chicks that made her extremely excited. Next spring will be so much fun (when we get some).

gabe...3.5...Gabe has been talking about the fair for quite a while. He couldn't wait to see all of the animals. Fortunately, it was a bit cooler than last year, so were were able to stay for a couple of hours. He was very confident around each animal and was convinced we should come home with some ducks. I think the pigs (sadly) were some of his favorites. We ended the morning with their first taste of some cotton candy. It was a big hit.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 #3 nursery: inspiration...


Baby #3. I am in the beginning stages of working on this nursery. My kiddos (in the past) have spent the first few months in our room. I know that I have some time (as Gianna's never got 100% finished), but need to get through some projects.

I have decided on a vintage train theme for his room. There will be some vintage harvester pieces incorporated as they came from my parents place while we were out there.

The room is already grey, so I will just incorporate some blues and reds into the room. I have a lantern, some old gears (from my parents) and an antique toolbox (parents). I have a few leftover frames that I will make some sort of gallery wall and will just tweak a few things to make it more boy friendly. There are quite a few FREE sources of antique train prints on Pinterest, which I totally intend to utilize.

I would love to make a RR crossing sign like the one below. I need to finish the other two first ;).
My goal is to finally get better about finishing a room. I did find a replacement rocker for the nursery as they old recliner has seen better days and will probably be added to our room for the first few weeks. I intend to make another changing pad cover and swap out the pink blackout curtain ;)

Here are some inspirations:

Monday, August 1, 2016

...all of this...

all of this.
sometimes you have really really hard weeks.
and then sometimes you have these beautiful precious moments that make up for it.
it is hard to believe in the next two months, we will have another baby, a two year old, a four year old and an anniversary.