Saturday, August 6, 2016


We took the kids to the annual county fair to look at all of the animals.

 gianna...1.5...Gianna loved the goats, rabbits and the chickens. She was pretty content keeping her distance but the squeals of excitement were hilarious. They had a pen of chicks that made her extremely excited. Next spring will be so much fun (when we get some).

gabe...3.5...Gabe has been talking about the fair for quite a while. He couldn't wait to see all of the animals. Fortunately, it was a bit cooler than last year, so were were able to stay for a couple of hours. He was very confident around each animal and was convinced we should come home with some ducks. I think the pigs (sadly) were some of his favorites. We ended the morning with their first taste of some cotton candy. It was a big hit.

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