Friday, August 12, 2016


gianna...1.5...she learned how to swing like a big girl this week and she is so ever proud. She says, "push me, please. more fast. more fast." Now, she is almost impossible to get out of the swing, which I am ok with. I love that they enjoy being outside as much as we do.

gabe...3.5...I have so many pictures of him in the sandbox, digging...wearing the same shirt. I promise he has others and only wears it one day at a time. he loves to ask me if we can "have a little date" or "this can be our little date." Usually, it is something as sweet and simple as walking with him and holding his hand across the yard.


  1. 5:30?! You are the best mom for already being out on the swings that early!

    1. Ha! 530 MST.....730 here, thankfully ;).