Saturday, August 20, 2016


We had a busy week. It was one of those I will (and already am) look back on and laugh. Steve was out of town for a conference for most of the week. I decided we would go north and stay with our good friends for a change of pace/scenery and hope that it would soften the no daddy blow.

Let's just say it didn't work.

We got nearly 2 hours into our drive (a mere 15 minutes left) and we realized we left mommy giraffe (Gabes lovie). Now, we have gradually decreased the number of lovies that travel, but he has had one for 2+ years. We have compromised to just mommy giraffe and his one blanket (instead of four!). We discussed it and decided our friend would have one to borrow. 

We made it through naptime with a borrowed lovie after much distress from Gianna. We took the kids to the local county fair. They had a blast, again. All four kids split part of an elephant ear and then we headed home.

They shared a room when we were in MT with us, but I think Steve not being there was the tipping point. I and I was their third roommate.

I finally went up at 9 and crawled into bed for the night. Gabe joined me as he "just really missed dad and his giraffe." Gianna yelled "mommy, up please" any time I so much as rolled over. At 5 and still no sleep for my usually fantastic sleeping kids, we were all in bed together. Breakfast was early and we were able to see a dear friend, whose son is Gabe's best friend. We spent the morning there and met grandma for lunch. I had decided at about 1AM we were cutting our losses and I was heading home. I knew that I would be struggling for two more days with no sleep and no lovie.

So, we headed home and they crashed in the car for about an hour. There was a really stressful twenty minute on the interstate, only one lane open...and needing an immediate bathroom....but we all survived. It took two days to recover for them from the lack of sleep and dad, but was the weekend AMAZING.

*yes, i was at a stoplight*


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