Monday, August 29, 2016

...a glimpse of today: 35 weeks...


making: a changing pad cover.  meaning, i have fabric and it is folded in the office, ready to cut and start!

cooking: just this babe. 35 weeks and a few days.

drinking: throat coat tea with homegrown honey. the kids somehow developed a bit of a cold this weekend. i am not feeling 100%. they are pretty miserable.

reading: sadly, nothing. we haven't made a trek to the library in a month.

wanting: more patience. at this point pregnancy, i can start crying at the drop of a hat.

playing: trucks on the floor. legos. 

sewing: eventually the changing pad cover. 

wishing: sadly, that i was no longer pregnant. i know i have a few weeks left, but this has been a rough time and a rough summer.

enjoying: the date i had with gabe on sunday. i told him i would either take him to a special drink shop to get something to drink or i would take him to go get a toy helicopter. he found the only helicopter in toysrus (for 1.98!! due to clearance) and it came with a truck. he looked at me sweetly and said, mom I can give the truck to gianna as i don't need two toys. that felt so so good.

waiting:  in the calm before the storm. 

liking: how fun their respective stages have been.

loving: the few cooler days and a reprieve from the heat.

hoping: the last few weeks will go smoothly and I won't stress so much about the little things. 

smelling: the candle burning on my kitchen counter.

noticing: how much i enjoy being unplugged. we lost internet for part of the weekend and it was actually refreshing to just let go.

giggling: gabe asked me what color shirt his brother would be born with. it made me smile. he couldn't understand how he wouldn't have a shirt on.

feeling: a bit tired. the kids were up in the middle of the night. thankful that I have made it this far as a month ago they were stressed about me making it to 32 weeks. 

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