Tuesday, August 2, 2016 #3 nursery: inspiration...


Baby #3. I am in the beginning stages of working on this nursery. My kiddos (in the past) have spent the first few months in our room. I know that I have some time (as Gianna's never got 100% finished), but need to get through some projects.

I have decided on a vintage train theme for his room. There will be some vintage harvester pieces incorporated as they came from my parents place while we were out there.

The room is already grey, so I will just incorporate some blues and reds into the room. I have a lantern, some old gears (from my parents) and an antique toolbox (parents). I have a few leftover frames that I will make some sort of gallery wall and will just tweak a few things to make it more boy friendly. There are quite a few FREE sources of antique train prints on Pinterest, which I totally intend to utilize.

I would love to make a RR crossing sign like the one below. I need to finish the other two first ;).
My goal is to finally get better about finishing a room. I did find a replacement rocker for the nursery as they old recliner has seen better days and will probably be added to our room for the first few weeks. I intend to make another changing pad cover and swap out the pink blackout curtain ;)

Here are some inspirations:


  1. Oh how fun! I'm always too lazy & inept to do anything nice with my kids' rooms... I know they would love it, but I just totally don't have an eye for that sort of thing! I love seeing what people come up with who *do* get it :)

    1. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Though sometimes it is overwhelming. My goal is to finish it before he moves into Gabe's room ;).