Tuesday, August 30, 2016

...cannons & balloons...


I heard a local battlefield park was holding a demonstration for the 100 National Park Service anniversary this past Saturday. We went for our typical morning run and afterword, we headed to the neighboring town.

The festivities mentioned kid games/activities, cannon and musket demonstrations, birthday cake, family fun and more!!

I think we arrived a bit too early (an hour after it started) as many of the booths weren't set up, but the kids didn't seem to mind. We watched a 5.5" howitzer and a musket demonstration. One of the booths had an insanely talented balloon artist. In the short time we waited, we saw a wolf, muskrat, and gabe's request, a lion.

their wasn't any cake, but they were quite content with a little baggy of free popcorn and their beloved balloon (gianna's was just a straight balloon).

after we walked around, we headed to a local antique shop, were I searched for something for gianna's nightstand. we were unsuccessful, but had a fun little trip. i love finding little local festivals and events.


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  1. Your little cowboy! Swooning! And gorgeous pictures!