Tuesday, August 9, 2016

...No bakes...

The blustery heat has returned and I was looking for an indoor activity this morning. We did our morning walk and then spent a few hours outside until chased in by the heat. We decided to make Steve's office No-bakes.

Now, there are dozens of no bake recipes out there. I have tried a few cookies others have made over the years, but none of them were like my moms. She sent us her recipe last night and they were just as I remembered. Not too sweet, not to runny. Perfect.

I had two little helpers. Gabe was quite content with making lots of bubbles in the vanilla. Gianna wasn't sure of the gooey miess. In the end, Gianna actually was terrified of the cookies and refused to eat them.
She kept yelling, "no, mommy. icky."

Gabe thought they were perfect.


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