Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Finally, the dresser is in painted, polycrylic'ed, hardware reattached, and up into Gianna's new bedroom. It isn't to the final resting place, but one step closer. I contemplated painting the hardware or even new hardware, but this really grew on me once reattached. We shall see how well the paint wears. Of course, I jammed a drawer into the wall while carrying them upstairs and made a lovely little mark. Oh well. This was my first spray painted projects. Time will tell.

I tried this, as per Brit's recommendation. Delicious. I also used chicken tenderloins as I grabbed the wrong package from the freezer. The kids loved it, too. Anything with basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. So so good.

Fall is upon is it seems, though the temperature doesn't agree! Pumpkin goodness everywhere.

I have been wanting to get a globe for atop the table in the toy room. We spent countless hours as children pouring over the globe. We would place our finger gently on it and then spin it round and round to see what country we would live in. I have come to the realization that globes.are.expensive. Any secret places to find a more affordable one??

My favorite planner was on sale yesterday and I missed it. I actually have been without for this entire year, seeing how I would like my app calendar (so easy to sync with hubbies so we know what is going on instantly). But....I am a visual person. I like being able to see and hold what I am thinking about. Lists. Appointments. Month view. Day View. All.right.there. I may make the plunge for next year.

In need of a workhorse maternity shirt?? I am really picky with maternity tops. I don't have many as they aren't really needed until late in my third trimester (almost 33 weeks is late...right???). Then, I am really picky about material as I get hot really really easy. I always have a cami underneath. The length is typically too short to. This one. You will love it. Love it. Not to thin, layers well, excellent length. Washes well. If have been contemplating buying more....but then I tell myself.


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