Thursday, August 25, 2016

...weekly loves...


I found this on clearance at the store. I have always been curious about what exactly the fuss was I know. So good.

A friend introduced me to a FB Boutique. I have been searching for the right navy dress for our family photos this fall. This is a midi, so I hope it is long enough! Boots and a scarf..hopefully it fits!

I have been planning the kids simple birthday parties this fall. Gabe was all into combines until this week and is now really wanting a helicopter theme. I will admit, this is a bit easier to plan and there are some cute little ideas on Pinterest. These. This. These. I keep reminding myself, I will be a few weeks to days postpartum.

I have been craving some Saag Paneer lately. There was the best little Indian restaurant in Fort Collins that a few friends and I would sneak away to. It was amazing. I haven't had it since we left FoCo. I might have to try making it.

Fall toddler girl outfits are soooo adorable.

She popped up on my Pandora and this song still gives me chills.

I am searching for toddler brown (nonfringe) ankle boots. Any favorites?

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  1. A helicopter party?! How adorable! I can't wait to see all the little details for that.