Saturday, October 29, 2016

...fall catch up...


Fall is in the air.
Our days are starting to slow down as the fog and mist roll in every night.

Gabe collected these leaves and "watered them" several times throughout the day. He took them to the utility sink and washed them. When he went down for his nap, he asked several times if I would water them for him. Cutie.

This candle has been on heavy rotation. This is my first experience with a soy candle. So. So. Good.

A dear friend sold me on these pants. I finally caved and they are so worth it. They come in a wide sundry of colors. The fit is amazing. The material is so comfortable and handles hours of matchbox car play, sandboxes, and walks. You can find them on clearance on quite a few places.

We will be making THIS granola soon. Britt's photos made it look amazing. I love granola.

I have a few projects in the works. Refinishing chairs given to us by our prior neighbor. My first chalkpainting endeavor over this ikea table. A sweet little confetti garland for my little girl's room.

Fall means squash in our house. I LOVE squash season. Soups, stuffed, baked. Any new favorite recipes??

We are sloooowlly getting back into our new groove with one fish, two fish, and RED fish ;) (their new nicknames).

Friday, October 28, 2016

...pumpkin time...

We went to a local pumpkin farm to pick out some pumpkins to carve. Steve came directly from work as the days keep getting shorter and shorter. The weather was brisk. The kids were a bit too busy driving the tractor to select their pumpkins and we had to coax them to leave with cider donuts. Not bad for an evening ;). Gabe is quite sure his should be carved into Rosie from Thomas the Train. It is a very very good thing that Steve is so artistic.



gabe...4...We made the "rifle" tower this week. He has just started to show an interest in learning words in books. We have been learning a lot about volcanos. He is a sponge for knowledge right now. He floors me with his love and protection for Isaac. He loves to sit by him and talk to him, read to him, and call him "little buddy."
gianna...2...She can sing the ABC song. She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me" every night at bedtime and rock in her rocking chair while perched on my lap. We started this little tradition when nanny was here. She would furrow her brow and watch nanny's sign language actions and try to desperately to emulate them.

isaac...4 weeks...We hit a three week colicky stretch and are praying this gripe water does the trick. He just found his hands today. He has started to coo. He can hold his head up for such a long time. He started reaching for faces this morning.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

...Gianna: 2 years old...

dear gianna,
you are our sweet little lady. we had to take photos with your best little lovey, your bunny. she was  a gift during your hospital stay from my dear friend in colorado. she is with you everywhere in the house. you are allowed to take her to Mass. she was lucky enough to be in every picture we shot. 

you are so full of life. everywhere you go is full speed, as evidenced by your beautiful big blue eyes and constant array of bruises. you speak in nearly complete sentences. you haven't told me you loved me yet, only nanny...but i hope it is coming soon.

your face lights up when dad comes home.
you are my best little side kick.
we love you, lady.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

...Gabe: 4 years old...


 dear gabe.
four years is such a fun year with you. we have watched your imagination explode this year. you are constantly building and working on something. you ask how everything works. you are the most kind brother and love your siblings.

you love to "go on little dates" with me, even if it is walking hand and hand across our yard or when we went in our back yard and took this photos. you love all things trains, legos, tools, and books. you constantly tell me how you want to live with me forever. 

we are so proud of you and i love you more than you will ever know.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


isaac...three weeks old. he likes his meals every two hours. he has started to be awake a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. he has just started to make random coo noises. he was just over eight pounds at his appointment last week. his cheeks are so full right now.

gianna...2...she loves singing jesus loves me at night. she also loves the little blue truck, a gift from my mom. she is so helpful with isaac and is always running to get me anything she think will help, be it a diaper, gas drops or a blanket. she loves to show us three fingers (like an is sooo proud) and says, "threeeee."

 gabe...4...I don't know if I wrote this down a few weeks ago. we ordered him his first belt while my mom was here. he was so excited to show daddy. while we were out doing errands, he says, "mom.....can i get a cell phone now??? I mean, I have a belt so I am practically a man now." OH MY, were we laughing. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 with three...


we are just shy of three weeks in, so i am clearly an expert and have it all together ALL the time.

we have our days, but three has honestly (as a whole) been waaaay easier than random people led me to believe. which i also noticed with two.

i have had to be much more structured and organized, which i tend to thrive on. i crave order and can't stand mess. fun i know. we have a pretty solid routine right now in terms of the housework and it is working well right now, you know for a baby to sleeps all of the time ;).

what i have found to be useful this time around:

seek outside help if you can. for me, i let a friend set up a meal train for me that has lightened the load two to three days a week. it has been wonderful, especially in the early days. i do love to cook, and it is a release/hobby of mine, but my little man loves to eat every two hours round the clock. so, when the 5-6 pm hour hits, i might also be ready to crash for the day.

start your day in prayer. we have a morning routine of daily Mass readings/reading the kids bibles, but i needed more. i try to spend some extra time right after i awaken and before i get out of bed.

 figure out what makes you tick, and find  away to make it happen most days. for me? it is a shower. i need to get up and showered/dress before my kids demands have me grouchy. i also need to find a way to get us outside and exercise almost every day. i am not back to my running routine quite yet, but we have been walking almost every day for the past week and a half. that fresh air does wonders.

let your husband help. i have a tendency to think i have it all under control and can do it all....though i know i can't and sometimes it makes me grouchy. we have become a much better team this time around. i have accepted steve's help and also asked for his help so much more this time around. it helps sooo much.

find someone to check-in with. maybe it is a good friend/sister/mom. find someone or let someone be that person for you. i have a friend who consistently sends me messages throughout the day to see how i am doing. i have also been blessed with a new AMAZING neighbor. we got new neighbors a few months ago, and i have been so ever blessed to have a fellow mom of multiple littles to walk through this part of life with. we have swapped kid watching duties during the rough hours. we spend hours together a week letting the kids entertain themselves. if you don't have a neighbor like this...borrow one ;).


Monday, October 17, 2016

...Gabe's 4th Birthday...

I asked Gabe months ago what kind of birthday he wanted.

For months it was combine and than weeks before, he decided he really wanted a helicopter birthday.
So, I switched gears to a helicopter theme.

We kept it simple as we had a one week old baby. Gabe said he wanted to see his friends and play outside in the sandbox. Perfect. We had our traditional breakfast of choice on birthdays, and he chose cinnamon rolls. We had his favorite baked mac and cheese for dinner. His party was early afternoon the next day. The grandparents were down for the weekend, so we did presents Friday night after Steve got home from work. We were over at the neighbors right before dinner and I needed to head back to start dinner. I baited him with let's go make dinner so we can open presents. He stopped in his tracks, "Presents? I get presents on my birthday?" His innocence is so precious.

He was so cute on the day of his party. He desperately needed a nap but was having a hard time laying down. As I took him upstairs, he begged me, "Please don't start the party without me, mom." It was so cute.

Once the friends showed up, we did presents and played with toys. After some snacking we headed out doors to the sandbox. It was a bit windy, but the kids didn't seem to care. We had a pinata and then the kids played with these. They were a big hit. Sadly, my camera card crashed on the photos of the food and his adorable cupcakes. Yay for cell phones ;).
One cute moment. Steve was helping him with the helicopter favor and the wind grabbed it and literally carried it to our neighbors back property, across our yard and ball field. Gabe was devastated, but dad came to the rescue and ran a few acres away to get it ;). Everyone else's were traveling maybe 20 feet. It was so cute.

Gabe, we are so blessed with you as a son.
Happy fourth birthday.