Wednesday, October 19, 2016


isaac...three weeks old. he likes his meals every two hours. he has started to be awake a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. he has just started to make random coo noises. he was just over eight pounds at his appointment last week. his cheeks are so full right now.

gianna...2...she loves singing jesus loves me at night. she also loves the little blue truck, a gift from my mom. she is so helpful with isaac and is always running to get me anything she think will help, be it a diaper, gas drops or a blanket. she loves to show us three fingers (like an is sooo proud) and says, "threeeee."

 gabe...4...I don't know if I wrote this down a few weeks ago. we ordered him his first belt while my mom was here. he was so excited to show daddy. while we were out doing errands, he says, "mom.....can i get a cell phone now??? I mean, I have a belt so I am practically a man now." OH MY, were we laughing. 

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