Friday, October 28, 2016


gabe...4...We made the "rifle" tower this week. He has just started to show an interest in learning words in books. We have been learning a lot about volcanos. He is a sponge for knowledge right now. He floors me with his love and protection for Isaac. He loves to sit by him and talk to him, read to him, and call him "little buddy."
gianna...2...She can sing the ABC song. She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me" every night at bedtime and rock in her rocking chair while perched on my lap. We started this little tradition when nanny was here. She would furrow her brow and watch nanny's sign language actions and try to desperately to emulate them.

isaac...4 weeks...We hit a three week colicky stretch and are praying this gripe water does the trick. He just found his hands today. He has started to coo. He can hold his head up for such a long time. He started reaching for faces this morning.

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