Monday, October 17, 2016

...Gabe's 4th Birthday...

I asked Gabe months ago what kind of birthday he wanted.

For months it was combine and than weeks before, he decided he really wanted a helicopter birthday.
So, I switched gears to a helicopter theme.

We kept it simple as we had a one week old baby. Gabe said he wanted to see his friends and play outside in the sandbox. Perfect. We had our traditional breakfast of choice on birthdays, and he chose cinnamon rolls. We had his favorite baked mac and cheese for dinner. His party was early afternoon the next day. The grandparents were down for the weekend, so we did presents Friday night after Steve got home from work. We were over at the neighbors right before dinner and I needed to head back to start dinner. I baited him with let's go make dinner so we can open presents. He stopped in his tracks, "Presents? I get presents on my birthday?" His innocence is so precious.

He was so cute on the day of his party. He desperately needed a nap but was having a hard time laying down. As I took him upstairs, he begged me, "Please don't start the party without me, mom." It was so cute.

Once the friends showed up, we did presents and played with toys. After some snacking we headed out doors to the sandbox. It was a bit windy, but the kids didn't seem to care. We had a pinata and then the kids played with these. They were a big hit. Sadly, my camera card crashed on the photos of the food and his adorable cupcakes. Yay for cell phones ;).
One cute moment. Steve was helping him with the helicopter favor and the wind grabbed it and literally carried it to our neighbors back property, across our yard and ball field. Gabe was devastated, but dad came to the rescue and ran a few acres away to get it ;). Everyone else's were traveling maybe 20 feet. It was so cute.

Gabe, we are so blessed with you as a son.
Happy fourth birthday.

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