Tuesday, October 11, 2016

...Isaac Steven: Birth story...

This was my most an extremely challenging pregnancy,
It started off with our extensive PICU stay with Gianna, the stress from that,  coupled with debilitating morning sickness made it a very very challenging first trimester. Believe me, I was sadly pretty vocal about it.

I have had prodromal labor and precipitous labors (4 hours, being the slowest) for 4-6 weeks with my first two pregnancies. This history put my OB on high alert with hopes of avoiding a car birth. At around 30 weeks, my prodromal labor kicked into high gear and we had talks of hospitalization and steroids to try to make the little man stay put. After placing myself on limited activity, things started to slow down and the weeks kept ticking.

I left each appointment with a "just lay low for one more week." My mom graciously said she could come out for the first week, hoping that we would pick the random day before I went into labor (it worked for Gianna....not this time ;)). I was assured I would deliver by 36 weeks...definitely by 37. She arrived a few days after my 38 week. The days ticked on and her departure crept closer and closer. I had my appointment at 39 weeks (a Monday) and we chose not to do an induction that day and wait and see if I would naturally go into labor in the next few days. After an afternoon of more consistent contractions, I called to see if I could get an appointment for that Thursday, in lieu of the following Monday. My mom was to leave Wednesday morning and we had discussed extending it a few days, hoping a simple membrane strip would be all I needed.

Steve got home on Tuesday evening and we were all in the living room. He was tickling the two kids and we were just chitchatting. Suddenly, I noticed my thumb went numb. I said nothing and proceeded to keep moving it. Moments later, each subsequent finger went numb. At that point, I sat up, thinking he had rolled and pinched a nerve. Steve questioned what was wrong and I suddenly had difficult speaking. After a few minutes I got up and realized I was having a visual aura (which I had two times in my life, always in conjunction with a migraine). The speech issue was quite disconcerting, so we made the quick decision to head to the ER. I called labor and delivery and told them we were heading in. The person on call labeled me as a stroke patient and therefore said we would be denied unless we started at the ER. That word made me so upset. Stroke?? All I could keep thinking was how I didn't say goodbye to the kids.

When labeled as a stroke pregnant patient, you get immediate response in the ER. By the time we arrived, all of my symptoms had disappeared. I honestly didn't think I was having a stroke, but it was hard to ease those thoughts out of your mind. Especially with having to sift through discussions about tests that would be harmful to my baby. I went through a full panel of stroke tests, complete with an MRI. Fortunately, after 4 hours in the ER, I was determined to have had an asymptomatic migraine and cleared. After that, I called my OB and she heavily suggested we head to labor and delivery for an induction the next morning.

We headed upstairs at 1AM. After meeting with the after hours OB, we attempted stripping to see if that would be enough to prevent a full induction. I was a four at that point (1AM). After walking for three and a half hours, I slumped into the bed feeling a bit defeated, knowing a pitocin bag would be started shortly.  They started my pitocin drip at 5AM and I still had the goal of a medication free delivery. Steve and I chatted off and on until the contractions started to pick up. My OBs typical protocol is induction at 5, break water at 7. The shift change was happening at seven and I decided to wait until my OB showed up as I really didn't want a first year resident. Once my OB showed up (740), she asked me if I was ready. After a few minutes of deliberating I agreed and she checked me at 7cm. She broke my water and the next 32 minutes were incredibly intense. I realistically only had around five contractions and I was thankful that that was all as I was on the verge of exhaustion from spending the night in the ER.

One push later and I heard, "I have the cord." At that point I was so ever grateful we decided to do an induction. Gianna was a double nuccal (the cord wrapped twice) and he, wrapped once. My short labors would have meant we likely would have been delivering in the car and dealing with a wrapped cord.

At 8:12AM this sweet little gentleman arrived. 6 pounds 15 ounces and 20.5 inches long.


Isaac Steven Roznowski.

We are already a better family because of you. You have already taught me so much. Your two siblings are so in love with you. You have the best dad in the world. The kids came and met your a few hours after you were born. Your big brother couldn't have been more proud or sweet. Your sister was a bit intimidated, but warmed up quickly. They couldn't wait for you to come home. We were discharged at 24 hours and have been loving on you ever since.

Warning. Picture overload.


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