Tuesday, October 18, 2016 with three...


we are just shy of three weeks in, so i am clearly an expert and have it all together ALL the time.

we have our days, but three has honestly (as a whole) been waaaay easier than random people led me to believe. which i also noticed with two.

i have had to be much more structured and organized, which i tend to thrive on. i crave order and can't stand mess. fun i know. we have a pretty solid routine right now in terms of the housework and it is working well right now, you know for a baby to sleeps all of the time ;).

what i have found to be useful this time around:

seek outside help if you can. for me, i let a friend set up a meal train for me that has lightened the load two to three days a week. it has been wonderful, especially in the early days. i do love to cook, and it is a release/hobby of mine, but my little man loves to eat every two hours round the clock. so, when the 5-6 pm hour hits, i might also be ready to crash for the day.

start your day in prayer. we have a morning routine of daily Mass readings/reading the kids bibles, but i needed more. i try to spend some extra time right after i awaken and before i get out of bed.

 figure out what makes you tick, and find  away to make it happen most days. for me? it is a shower. i need to get up and showered/dress before my kids demands have me grouchy. i also need to find a way to get us outside and exercise almost every day. i am not back to my running routine quite yet, but we have been walking almost every day for the past week and a half. that fresh air does wonders.

let your husband help. i have a tendency to think i have it all under control and can do it all....though i know i can't and sometimes it makes me grouchy. we have become a much better team this time around. i have accepted steve's help and also asked for his help so much more this time around. it helps sooo much.

find someone to check-in with. maybe it is a good friend/sister/mom. find someone or let someone be that person for you. i have a friend who consistently sends me messages throughout the day to see how i am doing. i have also been blessed with a new AMAZING neighbor. we got new neighbors a few months ago, and i have been so ever blessed to have a fellow mom of multiple littles to walk through this part of life with. we have swapped kid watching duties during the rough hours. we spend hours together a week letting the kids entertain themselves. if you don't have a neighbor like this...borrow one ;).


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