Friday, November 4, 2016


Isaac...As quickly as the colic seemed to appear, it thankfully disappeared. We had a few rough weeks with little man. He is vying for best sleeper award. He is quite adorable with his elbow dimples. This makes his cheeks look a bit more rotund, but they are positively perfect in every way. He loves staring and laying on the floor with Gabe. His newest nick name via Gabe is "tootsie roll." We typically refer to him as "red fish," but I love the tootsie roll.

Only fitting to have one photo. These two have been inseparable and playing legos constantly.

Gianna...She loves to sit and brush her hair. She is so helpful with Isaac. Her favorite thing is to cook with me right now. She scurries into the laundry room and grabs her little stool to help in the kitchen.

Gabe...He has become quite the lego fan. He could spend hours designing machines. His imagination is fantastic.

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