Friday, November 18, 2016



gabe...4...a slight bug hit our house this week, so we spent many hours doing puzzles, trains, painting, and being cooped indoors. we went to see the horses this week and he was able to collect his first egg from her coop. he can hardly wait until we have chickens!

gianna...2...We have awakened to "jingle bells" a few days this week as she sweetly (and loudly!!) chirps this from her bed. It was adorable allll but the morning that it started at 5:51AM ;). We painted her fingernails for the first hopes that she stops sucking her thumb. It didn't help, but she is proud of them.

isaac...7 weeks...his belly issues are starting to disappear!!! he is starting to coo when ever we are interacting. he loves his baths. he smiled for the first time (for something other than gas.). Fortunately my cell phone was with me ;).

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  1. Tiny voices singing Christmas carols is one of my favorite things. But never ever that early!