Tuesday, November 15, 2016

...a chair update...

Before our neighbor moved, she gifted us a set of chairs in various states of disarray. They needed new seats, cushions, and reupholstered. It was a set of six. She paid to have two refinished and reupholstered. Unfortunately, at some point, the refinished seat boards were broken.

As luck would have it, I really loved the look of the other four. At some point in their life, someone had painted them teal, then black and then adhered some sort of faux wood grain contact paper. About 90% of the paint had been removed, leaving a gorgeous rustic look. 

Initially, I tossed around the idea of wood seat blanks as I knew fabric would be used and abused in my hopeful home for them, the toy room. However, EXPENSIVE!! So, I decided to go with a fabric route.

I searched on line for hours as I really didn't want a Joann Fabrics trip looking at bolts with three kids in tow. I finally settled on one and headed to the store, hoping for a quick trip. I really didn't like it in person, so after a few minutes of browsing, settled on this one.

 Fortunately, I had a coupon for 50% off and only needed 1.5 yards. I purchased a few of these (also half off) and wrapped them with some left over interfacing from another project.


The kids use them non stop and I am thankful to have a chair to sit on as well.

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