Monday, November 28, 2016

...Isaac: 2 months...

Little man. You are two months already.
You have finally made the corner with your colic. You have started to coo anytime you hear my voice. You always sing the sweetest songs after nursing. Your days start at seven. We shoot for a 3 hour morning nap, two hours of awake time, and a three hour afternoon nap. You sometimes have to powernap right at dinner to make it until bedtime. You eat at 130 and 5 most morning. 

Your siblings adore you.
Nicknames: Tootsie Roll (Gabe); Itack (Gianna)
Height: 22 7/8"
Weight: 12.4lbs
You have the cutest dimples on your knuckles, wrists and ankles. Oiy.

 my first smile on camera.

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