Wednesday, December 21, 2016 cookies...

there are only two kinds of christmas cookies in this house, soft molasses and cinnamon nut stars.

we have made them every year, typically with my in-laws, but we couldn't find a weekend that worked.
so, we decided to do it as a family. the cookies might not be as intricate or as perfect in years past (which was hard for me!!!), but the kids had fun. they were just getting over colds, so they had limited roles this year.

we decided to make peanut butter blossoms a few days later. we might make a batch here and there through the christmas season.

gabe was in charge of grinding nuts, and he was super excited. gianna was in charge of adding ingredients (bed head hair!!!). we had a hot chocolate party right after naps and got to work!! we pulled out a bit of dough for them to cut and then we all helped decorate.
we have given a few dozen to dad's office and plan to share more with friends! 
Here are a ton of pictures :) :



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