Saturday, December 24, 2016

...Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve.

The kids were full of excitement all day on Christmas Eve. Gabe didn't remember much from last year and Gianna was too young.

We had our typical waffle breakfast as, well Saturday...and we don't dare stray ;).
The kids went down early for a nap as Mass was at 4PM. This was our first Christmas with our Parish and we had hoped to arrive around 315. The kids were a bit slow to awaken and don on their Mass clothes, so we slid into the last pew at 330. The Church was packed and beautifully decorated.
The children's Mass had an excellent choir and Fr. even called up all of the children during the homily. I was hesitant to let them both go up as we were about 25 pews back (almost the last one) and I knew my snap and glare wouldn't be effective at that range.

Gabe listened intently and Gianna lasted about five minutes before she realized we were nowhere in sight and started to look frantically for us. Fortunately, I was on the end and caught her gaze as she started to frolic back down the aisle.

I so wish I had a picture of us or at-least the kids. But, I really wanted to focus on enjoying the moments and not arguing for "just one more picture."

Steve in a suit, Gabe with a tie, Gianna in her pretty dark green lace dress, and Isaac in his first button up collared shirt. We belted out the Christmas songs.

We came home and opened a present, a book from Gabe's Godmother to finish our Advent book basket. The kids were extremely excited for the next day...I hope some of it was about Jesus's birthday.

Gabe asked to put baby Jesus out in the Creche.
Steve and I finished wrapping presents. We talked about the gifts the wisemen brought for Jesus. I know they didn't notice that they also received three gifts...someday.

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