Sunday, December 25, 2016

...Christmas Morning...

The kids slept in until nearly seven. Steve and I were so excited for when they awakened.
We started coffee and slid the cinnamon rolls into the oven.
Stockings are always first. They were my favorite part as a child. My mom always had the best little surprises in our stockings.
Gianna loved her gum and her little orange in the toe. She really didn't want to open anything else. She happily ate her orange and then wanted some gum. She finally opened some new toothbrushes and she was content for the next hour.
Gabe was so excited about each little thing. The hair gel was probably his favorite thing as now he could be just like dad.

After stockings, we moved into the toy room and started to open presents. Gabe could hardly contain his excitement. He loved his magformers. Gianna received a little tea set and served us tea all day long. We purchased walkie talkies for them this year, but after purchasing over the phone, I realized after they arrived that they were the incorrect ones. So they were a bit bummed, but got them a few days later.

The morning was slow and perfect. We ate scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls while listening to Christmas music. The kids played with toys and Issac snuck in some cuddles. Slow mornings are my favorite.

When you are four, gum is so exciting. Her bed head always makes me smile.

We had to try out the hair gel.

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