Wednesday, December 28, 2016

...Christmas with family...

We hosted Christmas with the grandparents, Busia, and Uncle Brian and Aunt Kristi.

Unfortunately, Gianna woke quiet early with severe croup and was struggling to breathe due to the dry air. After finally getting in touch with our pediatrician, she started on a full dose of steroids. Our focus was then on keeping her still and calm to prevent hospitalization. Once family arrived, the kids opened presents and we spent the morning watching them play with toys.

We had our big meal, a new tradition of foods (roast porchetta, mashed rutabaga, green beans with carmelized onions, cranberry sauce and a chocolate beet cake). I was too preoccupied with Gianna to take many photos, unfortunately. Steve spent most of the day retrofitting a new furnace humidifier, which made a drastic improvement in her breathing.

Thank God, she started to improve almost instantly.

Little man slept through most of our festivities, but I did get a photo with Busia.

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