Saturday, December 24, 2016

...just be...

hustle and bustle is at an all time high this week.
i am one of those people that makes lists. i have lists for everything, every day, and everything in between.

i found myself glaring at the "list" for the week. all of these projects that i had planned to accomplish for the week. cookies, cheeseballs, errands, finishing christmas shopping, meal planning, house prep....finishing a stocking. it was all on there.

i found my impatience getting the best of me. nap times were never long enough to finish that one more thing.

all i have been searching for is peace. peace that i thought would only be found when all of my list was complete. as i finally got to the last major project, isaac's stocking, i found solace in the quiet of my stitches. i know the meaning of christmas, but yet i found myself getting caught up in these little details. as i stitched each stitch, my nerves finally started to settle. i was forced to focus on ONE thing, a constant battle for me as multitasking is my favorite thing.

just be.
a conversation with a friend this week who was struggling with the to-do list.
just be, i said.
i needed my own advice.

in the last few hours before christmas, i pray that you may just be and focus on the ONE thing.

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