Thursday, October 19, 2017

...noah's ark, fears, and shadows...

"the corner in the hall where i'm sometimes rather frightened by the shadows on the wall..but hand in hand with Jesus I'd be perfectly all right."

we spent the last two days working learning about shadows (to make them fun!!) and fears. this was a perfect segue into Noah's ark. this packet is fantastic. i think it is by far the best we have done so far. i intended to use these perfect little dowels for some shadow puppets, but misplaced them. we used pipe cleaners instead. we attempted to trace our silhouettes, but the kids weren't too interested as the gorgeous outdoors were hard to ignore. we picked up a stack of go-along books from the library. this was a beautiful addition. this was the first style of book we have viewed (the illustrations were very detailed and it told the entire story as it was wordless). gabe was awestruck.

this little apple game is wonderful! gianna felt included as she was responsible for putting the apples on the tree, and then gabe would "pick" them and place the correct number on the basket. we will be playing this a few times before the row is over.

 my attempt at a pterodactyl. they are the current favorite dinosaur.

he breezed through the phonics this week.

  he loved the little letter searches! i think he felt like they were a crossword puzzle extension, something steve and i do every sunday and he desperately tries to help.
 the storyboard was a hit.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


we learned about rainbows this morning, which was fitting as we experienced one amazing rainbow this weekend. just a cell phone shot, but we couldn't believe how close and bright it was!
we will be discussing Noah toward the end of the week as the weeks row mentions fear. 
i figured a rainbow was a perfect visual example to go along with this book.
they loved these cute little crafts.

Monday, October 16, 2017

...D is for dog...

we started our new letter this week, D. we did a letter craft and practiced our new letter.
they are getting quite skilled at thinking of random things that start with the new letter.
we started our new row this week!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

...a paw patrol birthday...

happy fifth birthday, young man! your party was the day of your actual birthday, which you thought was really special. grandpa/grandma and busia came down and spent the day. we opened presents as soon as they arrived, after your favorite waffle breakfast.
you had been talking about a zuma badge for months. you got one and it hasn't come off your shirt since!
we spent the morning playing outside. we got you a set of discs for your birthday and your grandparents brought down their portable basket.
after your nap, we woke and played some cornhole and threw discs until you just couldn't wait to see your cake.
i made a cute little paw patrol cake, similar to one we found together on pinterest. you were pretty specific about what food you wanted (allll orange): orange peppers, carrots, orange tomatoes, orange cheese, an orange cake...and pup sausages!!! we had cute little shortbread cookies for favors with mini discs.

what a fun day!
you are such a blessing.
opening your beloved zuma badge:

Friday, October 13, 2017


... are five. you tell everyone you know that fact. you still say you feel four, though ;). you were senior rank at taekwondo this week for half of the class and wow did you take it seriously. love your knew umbrella that you got from uncle jeff/aunt lyn. you twirled in the rain. you talk about ballet several times a week and can't wait for the class each week. make the sweetest vehicle sounds. you lay on the ground and drive them around and around and around.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

...BFIAR: We are going on a Bear Hunt...

"we can't go over it. we can't go under it. we have to go through it."

we finished up our row, "we are going on a bear hunt," this morning with a little hibernation craft and a few more worksheets. we rowed this favorite for two weeks! it is a favorite song during story time with miss karen at our local library. the kids wanted to read this over and over and over and over. we read quite a few read along books on bears, hibernation, and everything inbetween.

we did lapbooks (1 and 2). we made maps, binoculars, owls and we went on a scavenger hunt. we learned about alaska, and hibernation (youtube videos). we did a teddie graham counting project.