Sunday, December 24, 2017 eve...

christmas eve.
i wrapped presents christmas eve morning, while steve worked on otis in the shed with the kids.
we had an early lunch as mass was at 4pm. the kids had a hard time waking up from naps, but we quickly changed and headed to mass.
the roads were treachrous and it was bitter cold. we arrived by 330 as the children's mass is heavily attended and we hardly had seats last year.
the kids, though still battling this wicked cold, enjoyed the children's choir, lectors, ushers etc. during the homily, fr. david asks the kids to join him and gives a more child centered homily. he asked a few questions of the 50+ children seated at his feet. they discussed why parents were so busy around the holidays, favorite traditions, and what christmas was about.
gabe answered a question (why were parents so busy this time of the year), "because they have to go to work." i held my breath as i was pacing in the back with isaac. you never know what kids will say, especially with a microphone.
after mass, we headed home for a simple dinner of nanny's potato soup. next year, i vow to keep it i was busy cooking and baking all day ;).
we continued the tradition of a family board game.
we played "guess who" for a solid hour.
off to bed!

Friday, December 22, 2017

...the week of I and Inch by Inch...

we wrapped up our school year with "inch by inch."
we made some soft molasses cookies and i had a quality control worker that measured every one.....they were supposed to be 1.5". not more or less. cutie. we worked on I for ice cream and used a solid hour transferring ice cubes from container to container. they counted. they giggled. they had so much fun with something so simple.
we made ice cream cones. we flipped through the ads from the sunday paper and found words starting with "i," which weren't many, so we just cut any i we found.
we colored our favorite picture from the book.
we colored an aerial view of our yard.
we painted our favorite peg doll saint as i have joined a swap.....which makes me question my sanity.
i am sure we did a few other things, but i have already forgotten.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

...magnatiles and perfect mornings...

isaac is suddenly gabe's little shadow. he wants to be everywhere and doing everything with gabe.
this morning he wanted to sit on my lab and color while gabe was doing some penmanship exercises. he scribbled away chit chatting with his big brother.
when gabe heads outside, isaac finds his cowboy boots and heads for the door.
this morning, we finished up our school work and they played magnatiles while i got lunch together.
gabe is such a patient big brother. he explained every vehicle he was making, how they worked, and what job they had for the day.
gianna will still play, usually making figures out of her favorite colors (pink and purple).
 today was just one of those days that i want to remember. we had some really sweet fun moments. the kids and i colored while isaac napped. after lunch, we took a long walk in our woods for almost 45 minutes. they love poking walnuts with sticks (trying to stain them). we talked about shadows, deer, God, green grass...whatever came into their minds.

Monday, December 18, 2017

..their first snowman...

the temperatures warmed up enough on saturday for perfect snowman snow. after a very long week of sickness and steve traveling, i spent a few minutes with gabe friday night and we had a few snowball fights. he had so much fun. he was pretty patient all week, as any spare time was spent with isaac and gianna as they are still fighting this nasty virus. we ran around the yard until dark. he was having a hard time turning the powder into snowballs, so i was really excited when it was much warmer on saturday.

steve took the older two outside and taught them how to make a snowman. they found rocks from the flower beds. gabe made the perfect mouth and buttons. gianna made ears out of snow. we found sticks for arms and a carrot for the nose.

"what's his name?"


Friday, December 15, 2017


isaac...14 months...he dances all the time. he has these sweet little conversations of babble. he is always on the go. he has a love of blankets. any blanket he sees, he grabs and cuddles it as he walks.

gianna...3...she is in love with stuffed animals. she must have a dozen on her bed. i am not that fond of stuffed animals, but she is just enamored right now. she carries her little zoo everywhere. when she comes down in the morning, she puts them to bed (on the sofa, under the school table...). she constantly checks on them. sweet little mother.

gabe...5...he is in a super sweet and helpful stage. i brought down our bathroom scale to weigh gretl. when he was eating dinner, he hopped down from his chair and went running to the scale. "mom it says 42 dot zero pounds!!!" he came back and finished eating, "i knooowww i have grown." he trotted over, stepped on, "i weigh 41 dot 5 pounds!! what does that mean?!?" it means you shrunk! "WHAT?!?!??! how is this even possible, mom!!" a few minutes later, i heard him in the living room "just a minute, isaac..i am pretty sure i have grown!" he trots out..."siggghhh still 41 dot 5 pounds." cutie.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

...the week of H and the little red hen...

we finished up our first week with our new curriculum (peaceful preschool). i really like the flow and it seems quite adaptable, but works well as written. each day is broken down to: read aloud, phonics, counting, fine motor skills, large motor skills, art...

we finished up h. for horse. for house. for helicopter. for hovercraft. some of our favorite things.
today, we learned about tally marks.
gabe counted all of the doors and windows in the house. he thought walking around with a clipboard was fantastic.
they painted quite a few pictures this week. 
we are hopefully on the upswing of croup and these rough colds so we can spend more time outdoors again! they enjoyed a few bowls of snow this morning. they drove around their construction equipment, made igloos, made roads, and ate it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

...the little red hen...

i made a change in our homeschool curriculum this week. we initially fell in love with the simple projects we did with the BFIAR stories. however, as the months ticked by, something started to shift. the stories just seemed to not fit our family any more.
as gabe so eloquently put it, "there are too many bunny stories."
i chatted with a friend earlier this week as we had started off with the same curriculum. she mentioned she had switched and i did a quick google search and fell in love with the stories.
it is the same type of learning.
living books.
hands on learning.
outdoor life
kid time.
we have started this week with peaceful preschool.
i will say, i love the organization of it. i spent too many hours planning what we would be doing each week and each day. it is all done. we will tweak as we need, but so far so good.

the little red hen. the letter h.
we read. he painted horses. we made homemade bread to go with our homemade chicken noodle soup. gabe's was a helicopter, giannas a my little pony horse. we drew letters in sugar. we worked on counting wheat berries and matching them to written numbers. he worked on handwriting. she worked on tracing shapes.
we did puzzles.