11:53 AM

I am going to do this project again this year. I love looking back at the pictures through out the year and read the little note about them. Some weeks, it is harder than others, but I will cherish these little glimpses.
isaac...3mo...you are pretty smiley. you start cooing as soon as you hear dads voice. you are starting to inquisitively look at your surroundings and toys.
gianna...2...you have entered a week of becoming exceedingly helpful. you have a natural gift of knowing what i need. you sprint for diapers before i can ask. you love to help care of your brother. you are so full of life and energy.

gabe...4..."mom..i have a mustache like papa." you have started to dress up every day. a button up polo and hair gel...every morning. such a handsome little mr.

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