Saturday, January 14, 2017


isaac...3 months...little man gave us quite the scare early morning monday with croup. we spent the first six hours of the day in the ER. fortunately, he responded to the steroids and has been on the mend ever since. in spite of it all, he has been trying to be so happy. he also rolled over officially this week.

 gianna...2...she has a favorite shirt right now....her "twinkle twinkle little star shirt." it is just a shirt with little colored stars, but it is her love for the moment. she read the wheels on the bus to me outloud this week. i love her.
gabe...4...he is growing so fast right now, he has a hard time keeping up. he is asking for seconds and thirds at dinner. i have been having to wake him up from his nap every day. he still talks to papa every single night. he tells me that he is never leaving me and will stay with me forever. my sweet baby boy.

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