Wednesday, January 11, 2017

...crunching ice...

i love watching my kids experiencing things for the first time. gianna didn't really remember snow and ice. every day we have snow on the ground, she runs to the window and says,,
"it is christmas!!! mom look!!"

we have had a round of croup with isaac that sent us into the ER, so we haven't ventured out much this week. however, today, the weather was pleasant and we snuck outside to stomp on ice in the sand box while he took his morning nap.

the squeals and the laughter. we through ice. we stomped every little puddle.

oh to see the world through their eyes.

 one of her favorite possessions, her hot pink boots.

 she has been carrying around a (nonfunctional) grilling thermometer, pretending it is her cell phone. 


 gabe is such a wonderful big brother. he showed so much encouragement and enthusiasm when she would stomp and squeal. he loved the sound. he stood right next to her "just in case she fell."

 "he look mom, i can see through this. i see you!"

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