Thursday, January 12, 2017

...telling time...

we recently added this little gem to gianna's bedroom as she was struggling to not wake up from naps/nighttime and wake her siblings to enjoy life with her.

so far it is working well.

anyhow. gabe told me that he now wanted a real alarm clock. "like an oldfashioned one."
so i told him he needed to learn how to tell time and therefore practice his numbers.
so, practice we did. he is a natural. i was really excited is this is the first time he has been interested in learning something with structure.
we also have a rule that he can use sharpies anytime he wants to practice numbers and letters, as these are really coveted around the house.

 i was so impressed with his copying skills.
we labeled our clocks: wake up; naptime; wake up from nap; done talking to papa/bedtime.

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