Friday, February 10, 2017


... rolled back to front today! a few times. it was one of the walk into a room and try to remember if you were just as i left you or if you rolled over. you gave an actual laugh at gianna this morning. you are working really hard at blowing raspberries. were working on your shapes with a dry erase marker. those markers make it so much fun. i think you are just about to go through a growth spurt. you have been soaking up some extra cuddles this week. every time you are in the room alone with isaac you rush to his side and say "mom!! me baby sit!!'
gabe...4...i thought we said goodbye to naps this week. you went two days without your 2.5h nap. i don't know if it will stick as you have been struggling to make it to nap time ever since. we had co-op this week and had a Valentines party. you wrote your name on every on and did fantastic.

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