10:57 AM

I took these photos earlier this week when it was snowing!!! We have been enjoying the upper sixties for the past few days!
 gabe...4...you have asked to work on reading. you still devour books. we had a guest priest on sunday from a worldwide mission. his homily was about hunger and need in certain countries. he told a story about a mom not being able to feed her children. there were pamphlets in the pews with saddening photos. you were awestruck and devastated. i wanted so badly to protect you from those images as you are such a kind soul, but know how important those moments are for you. it was a beautiful opportunity to talk to you.

gianna...2...you said your first perfect sentence this week. dad mentioned we needed to go to home depot to grab x,y,z. you stopped me and said, "mom, where is home depot?" like such a little lady. dad took you and gabe on a date there and you were the proud owner of a wire nut container. you slept with them on your bedside table for two days.

isaac...4mo...my goodness little man, we are all in love with you. you roll constantly from front to back and back to front. your teeth are almost through..i think. you are a cuddler. a lovely lovely cuddler. you sing the prettiest songs. you really enjoy your jumparoo right now and spent the first afternoon on a blanket in the grass. you were in awe.

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