Saturday, February 4, 2017

...isaac: 4 months...

mister isaac. 4 months old.

i had been planning to do a three month shoot. i mentioned it to steve, and he informed me he was four months old. seriously. that is how fast this time around has gone. his colic was from 3-10 weeks. he hasn't looked back since!! i still haven't had ice cream or chocolate ;). so this is a bit more informal of a session. i need to try again next week.

Likes: his family. he is really really fond of eye contact. if you catch his gaze, he will give the best smile in the whole world. he sings me the sweetest song after every nursing session. daddy and gabe get the belly laughs. he loves to play with little toys. he loves to be held and rocked. he is a sweet cuddler. 

Official Stats: 14 lbs 14 ounces. 26.75 in. he wears 3-6 mo clothing consistently. i could probably bump him up to 6-9. working on some teeth!!! you are my tallest baby yet. 

Says: beautiful songs and coos.

Sleep. likes his naps at 9 and 1. his morning nap is about 2 hours and the afternoon one is closer to 2.5 hours. Nighttime is a consistent 7-7 and typically wakes typically twice. lately it has been three times due to teething.

Food. none yet!

Nicknames. tootsie roll (gabe). buddy (gianna). we usually all call him isaac, though.

he is the sweetest and happiest baby. yes he has moments, but generally, he is a smiley fellow. he had his first hotel stay and did great! he is trying really really hard to be a thumb sucker. i am hoping it will pass once the teeth pop. ha.

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