Friday, March 10, 2017



 isaac...5 mo...the proud owner of 1.5 teeth. he has started to hold conversations with his hands or toys. he loves to play with toys. duplos are a current favorite. he loves to be held and talked to.
gianna...2...she learned how to say "awwweeesoomme" this week. she has been telling me all week, "mom, jesus died for me." we haven't looked back from naptime diapers! she is a rock star. she has been reading books out loud and loves to have dance parties.

gabe...4...we purchased some garden gloves for the kids, these adorable ducks. he wears them constantly. he left his first complete phone message. we have been working on spelling his complete name and numbers. he noticed this week that grocery aisles were numbered. we spent the shopping trip with him navigating and finding the correct aisle. he had a major growth spurt this week and all of his size 5 jeans are waaayyy to short.

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