Friday, March 31, 2017


 gabe...4...we read his bible for around fifteen minutes every night. he impresses me with his memory. while we were at the doctors, the nurse told gianna that she would listen to her heart. he quips, "it's ok gianna. we want to hear it go pump pump. that's a good thing. it pumps blood. blood carries oxygen to, well to all over. all of your organs." i was so very proud.
 gianna...2...she now calls me silly goose. i had to take her to the doctor for  recurring sty in her eye. she hops up onto the table and the PA assesses her. she puts her glasses down and looks at me and says, "you will never guess this but she has two ear infections." she hopped down and skipped around the room. one tough little lady. had a cold for most of the week. in spite of it all, you hardly stopped smiling. he is just starting to be able to sit up. his top two teeth are almost through. we have been blessed with a few of your giggles. you constantly pull of socks and chew on them. you have the sweetest stories.

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