Tuesday, March 21, 2017

...these three...

we are in a pretty solid groove once again, which i am particularly fond of.
the kids are at really fun ages right now.
gabe is showing an interest in reading, is recognizing things we have learned our discussed while out and about, he loves to explore in our woods right now.
gianna is working hard on full sentences and is understandable almost always. she is super sweet and sensitive and she will try her hardest to keep up with her brother.
isaac is so close to sitting and can almost get up on his knees. he loves toys, being held, and is just a super content little man (unless TEETH!!)

they were rolling around on the carpet, begging to tell isaac stories. so i added him into the mix. they had each created something with legos and were telling him stories about their creations.
this spring and summer will be so much fun. we are already soaking up as much of the daylight as possible.
our chickens are now outside residents. the garden will be in before we know it. camp fires, hikes.
yes, please.

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