Thursday, March 16, 2017

...weekly loves...

we made some of the best banana bread this week. honestly, banana bread isn't my favorite, but this wasn't too bad (probably due to the inordinate amount of sugar). i think i will keep trying recipes.

i finally tried this classic tee shirt. they had a pretty emerald color on clearance a few weeks ago. i must say, i can see why they are so popular.

i love these. if only they weren't super expensive.

this was a pleasant start to a morning. i am a terrible creature of habit (which isn't all bad), but enjoyed this for a few mornings.

these are cute.

i purchased these for the kids a few weeks ago. they have held up really well so far and would make excellent Easter basket additions.

i am guessing on the size for gianna this fall, but couldn't pass these up for $8!


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