12:16 PM


 isaac...6 months...he is scoooooottting like a champ. nothing is safe right now. he can stay seated for a few seconds before toppling over.

 gianna...2...she has been telling me she loves me non stop. it is so sweet. she wants to help in the kitchen and is always "keeping liesel safe." we went to the barn and she mucked her first stalls this week.

 gabe...4...he got a beloved zuma toy for Easter. we have colored almost an entire paw patrol coloring book since sunday. he is such a hard worker. we went to the barn and mucked 5 stalls. he was as helpful as an adult. the first thing he said was, "papa will be so proud."

...Isaac: 6 month update...

11:55 AM

Mr. Isaac. 6 months old.
LIKES: anyone looking at him, his feet, toys, swinging, his siblings, chewing on books; scooting.
Official stats: 16 lbs 13.5 ounces; 27 1/4". he wears 6-9 months consistently, but they won't last much longer. 4 teeth.
SAYS: nothing yet.
SLEEP: naps at 9 and 130. his morning nap is somewhere between 45min - 2 hours based on when you wake up. your afternoon nap is typically 2 hours (unless you roll over). you sleep from 7-6/7 and wake up twice.
FOOD: nothing yet.
NICKNAMES: gabe calls you tootsie roll. cutie, isaac.

heis the sweetest, happiest baby. he will contently play on the floor with his feet or toys for quite tome time. you love to be held and worn. you love to chew on anything you can get your hands on. you can now get on all floors and scoot. you have brought so much love and laughter into our home. i just adore you. you sing songs to me after you nurse. you love to touch my face. you still will talk into my neck. you are loved.


...Easter 2017...

11:16 AM

Easter was beautiful. Simple and beautiful.
This was the first time we were home for Easter.
We started with Mass and came home to our Easter baskets. I begged the kids for just one picture.

 They happily played with their new little Paw Patrol toy while the cinnamon rolls baked.
Gabe received his first crucifix necklace. He was so happy.

 My little men. Isaac had a matching bow tie, but it didn't quite make it around his neck.

 We relaxed for most of the morning and spent every spare second outside. We surprised the kids with a basketball hoop and we played a few games of around the world.

I baked ham, sweet potato casserole, roasted brussel sprouts, rolls, and a carrot cake.
The kids woke from their nap and we enjoyed a fun meal.
 We will be hosting Easter this coming weekend with our extended family, so Part II!

...marking up plans...

6:04 PM

these two love to draw and color. we have spend many an afternoon coloring countless pictures.
our medium tends to be recycled engineering plans.
steve will bring home a batch every so often. the kids are ecstatic. they make up stories about the towns they create. they make stop signs, draw trains on the train tracks, create rivers and swing sets.

their stories are priceless.

we met steve for lunch today and acquired a new batch of plans.
as soon as we got home, they got right to work. they didn't want to stop.

there were all sorts happening in this town.