Friday, April 21, 2017


 isaac...6 months...he is scoooooottting like a champ. nothing is safe right now. he can stay seated for a few seconds before toppling over.

 gianna...2...she has been telling me she loves me non stop. it is so sweet. she wants to help in the kitchen and is always "keeping liesel safe." we went to the barn and she mucked her first stalls this week.

 gabe...4...he got a beloved zuma toy for Easter. we have colored almost an entire paw patrol coloring book since sunday. he is such a hard worker. we went to the barn and mucked 5 stalls. he was as helpful as an adult. the first thing he said was, "papa will be so proud."

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  1. Gianna mucking the stalls! I love it! What a fun age she is at!