Tuesday, April 18, 2017

...Easter 2017...

Easter was beautiful. Simple and beautiful.
This was the first time we were home for Easter.
We started with Mass and came home to our Easter baskets. I begged the kids for just one picture.

 They happily played with their new little Paw Patrol toy while the cinnamon rolls baked.
Gabe received his first crucifix necklace. He was so happy.

 My little men. Isaac had a matching bow tie, but it didn't quite make it around his neck.

 We relaxed for most of the morning and spent every spare second outside. We surprised the kids with a basketball hoop and we played a few games of around the world.

I baked ham, sweet potato casserole, roasted brussel sprouts, rolls, and a carrot cake.
The kids woke from their nap and we enjoyed a fun meal.
 We will be hosting Easter this coming weekend with our extended family, so Part II!

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