Tuesday, April 25, 2017

...his pure heart...

it is fun to get glimpses of your children in terms of who they will become.

last night, at dinner, i got one of those. a sweet moment i hope to forever cherish. while hosting an Easter brunch this past weekend, we added our toyroom chairs around the dining room table for additional seating. as i glanced over at gabe, i noticed a distinct letter and name drawn onto the top of the chair.

i was furious and asked, "did you write your name on the back of this chair????" (i wish my initial reaction wasn't anger, but it was unfortunately."

i couldn't have been more prepared for his response. his eyes brimmed with gigantic crocodile tears, "it was a long time ago, mom. how did you know it was me?"

the look of shock and purity was one to behold. i had to stifle a laugh and turned.....and it was a long time ago as his penmanship has greatly improved ;).
how would i not know??? gianna can't write letters, isaac can't sit unassisted and liesel (the dog) only knows German (i kid).

i was ever so proud of his instant honesty. we promised to clean it off together, though i now never want it to leave.
he is so pure and innocent. i am often overwhelmed with how proud i am to be his mom.

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