Friday, April 28, 2017

...the garden dirt pile...

we made plans for a garden this spring. steve fenced in a plot right next to the sandbox. we had 10 yards of dirt dumped in our driveway on Tuesday. we spent countless hours removing the remaining gravel and river rock (from the previous owner's pool) and then had shoveled all of the dirt into the garden.

the evenings were late, the kids were tired and dirty every night when they turned in, but they were some of the best evenings! gabe was so much help. i have never seen a little kid work as hard as him. he never wanted to stop shoveling into the cart or wheel barrow.

we finished last evening. there was just a little pile remaining in the driveway that we will spread over a few low spots in the yard. we spent the cool morning playing in the dirt.
they were archaeologists. paleontologists. zuma and skye. gianna rode horses. gabe excavated golf tees.
they then had bathes by 11 AM.
there is talk of doing it post naps as well.
i am excited to plan our garden!!

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