12:19 PM

gabe...4...he spread his beach towel out on the grass, ran inside, and grabbed a small pile of books to read in the grass. i love his passion for reading. he drew a picture this week, complete with appropriate shadows. 
gianna...2.5...we are working on thumb sucking. we are on day two (thanks to the nailpolish). she is doing great so far. we discussed a special toy once she stops completely (Everest from Paw Patrol).
 isaac...you are now a competent sitter and can sit up all by yourself. you have impressive army crawling speed. you were on all fours rocking for a few minutes, but prefer your army crawl. you are NOT a fan of apple sauce. you love chewing on a piece of cucumber, but otherwise don't care much for solids yet.

...Ag Days...

12:04 PM

our friend kalle, from the barn, invited us to Ag days at her School.
the kids were very excited to see her.
pigs, goats, rabbits, peaches...popcorn. it was a fun morning.
they loved the cow milking station. they weren't quite sure about the costumed cow at first, but she won them over.

...washing Mercedes...

11:56 AM

our friend asked if we wanted to help wash Mercedes for her highschool Ag Days.
it was a hot sticky day.
we donned our swimming gear and rain boots and headed to the barn.
they helped wash a leg and a small portion of her belly and then moved on to playing in the arena.
isaac was supervising from a few feet away.
this mare is a gem.

...blowing bubbles...

11:47 AM

i have been trying to slow down and enjoy the little moments during isaac's morning nap. the kids are constantly on the go and we seem to be constantly busy. we went grocery shopping yesterday and they kids picked our a bottle of bubbles. we are experiencing a few days of extreme heat (50s to upper 80s) and i needed a few things to keep them out of the hot sun.

they make everything better. the whimsy, the giggles.
we sat and blowed bubbles for a few mornings this week.


...playing cars..

12:12 PM

these three. they love playing together. they are so patient with isaac and make sure he always has something safe. i must hear, "oh, isaac..that isn't a good toy for you, let me get you something else."
they have such a naturally protective nature. i walked around the kitchen and saw that isaac had crawled up to the metal base of my antique sewing treadle. gianna had positioned a pillow between his head and the treadle....such a great protector, too.

isaac loves to be touching them. he will army crawl over to their backs and sit touching them while trying to play. he has an unbelievable ability to manipulate toys.

they played cars this morning.

 i love how he is resting his head. he loves his big brother so much.

 those creases. that belly. so much love.


11:08 AM

we are currently reorganizing the toyroom so things are strewn about. we had a slower morning while playing with bristle blocks.
 gabe...4...he conquered his fear of riding his bike down the driveway. our drive way is pretty sloped and his training wheels are on the highest setting, which sometimes causes it to be quite tipsy. he also learned how to turn uphill. i loved seeing his confidence build. he told me, "mom, i learned a very important lesson...", which made me giggle to hear my own words. we did a few school type projects this week. we learned about cheetahs, colored some pictures and gabe wrote "AFRICA CHEETAH" on his paper. I was so surprised. he then asked how to write AMERICAN BALD EAGLE (favorite animal right now) and copied it with perfection.

 gianna...2...officially potty trained. she decided it was time and so she was done. i am so proud of her. she runs in every morning, "mom, i wake up dry!!" so proud, little girl. she asked me why isaac's shirt had the ABC's on it the other day. she brought me her alphabet book and was asking the name of each letter.

 isaac...7 months. he is rocking the night time sleeping. i would say he sleeps through the night 80% of the time. he usually goes down at 7 and makes it until about 530. sleep champ. we started dabbling with foods this week. banana. detested it the first day. avocado. loathed. we tried banana again and he filled his mouth with great speed and then proceeded to blow/spit it allllllll over. he has his first self inflicted wound. a bruised cheek and a scratch. he was devastated. he is starting to be a pretty confident sitter.


11:17 AM

Lots of rain this week.
We spent many hours in doors. They kids played harvest, combining the carpet.
They took animals to market...a sheep elephant market, none the less.
 gabe...4...he is drawing non stop. farm equipment, vehicles, scenery, self portraits. he is unbelievably artistic and has impressive spacial recall. he drew an aerial of our property, buildings, sandbox...everything. so impressive.

 gianna...2...she started talking in complete sentences for everything. i love the way she says "hmmmm.." when she is thinking how to respond. she loves to run up to me and kiss me.
isaac...mr. mobility. he army crawls non stop. he doesn't quite have sitting down, but he is very close. he sprint crawls for paper, his favorite thing. he just started blowing raspberries.

...rainy day painting...

11:26 AM

We are getting lots of rain...inches. We did a few little painting mornings. One morning, we worked on numbers. We painted scenery pictures with Q-tips. We painted all of the white on a piece of paper. They love to paint. I am finally through my reams of engineering plotter paper and stumbled upon contractor paper while we were at Lowes this past weekend. It makes for a fantastic painting packdrop!

gabe painted a john deere tractor and a new holland combine.