Wednesday, May 10, 2017


we are currently reorganizing the toyroom so things are strewn about. we had a slower morning while playing with bristle blocks.
 gabe...4...he conquered his fear of riding his bike down the driveway. our drive way is pretty sloped and his training wheels are on the highest setting, which sometimes causes it to be quite tipsy. he also learned how to turn uphill. i loved seeing his confidence build. he told me, "mom, i learned a very important lesson...", which made me giggle to hear my own words. we did a few school type projects this week. we learned about cheetahs, colored some pictures and gabe wrote "AFRICA CHEETAH" on his paper. I was so surprised. he then asked how to write AMERICAN BALD EAGLE (favorite animal right now) and copied it with perfection.

 gianna...2...officially potty trained. she decided it was time and so she was done. i am so proud of her. she runs in every morning, "mom, i wake up dry!!" so proud, little girl. she asked me why isaac's shirt had the ABC's on it the other day. she brought me her alphabet book and was asking the name of each letter.

 isaac...7 months. he is rocking the night time sleeping. i would say he sleeps through the night 80% of the time. he usually goes down at 7 and makes it until about 530. sleep champ. we started dabbling with foods this week. banana. detested it the first day. avocado. loathed. we tried banana again and he filled his mouth with great speed and then proceeded to blow/spit it allllllll over. he has his first self inflicted wound. a bruised cheek and a scratch. he was devastated. he is starting to be a pretty confident sitter.

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