Monday, May 15, 2017

...playing cars..

these three. they love playing together. they are so patient with isaac and make sure he always has something safe. i must hear, "oh, isaac..that isn't a good toy for you, let me get you something else."
they have such a naturally protective nature. i walked around the kitchen and saw that isaac had crawled up to the metal base of my antique sewing treadle. gianna had positioned a pillow between his head and the treadle....such a great protector, too.

isaac loves to be touching them. he will army crawl over to their backs and sit touching them while trying to play. he has an unbelievable ability to manipulate toys.

they played cars this morning.

 i love how he is resting his head. he loves his big brother so much.

 those creases. that belly. so much love.

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